Hello there! Welcome to Panatrope[dot]net, TheFanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the Japanese musician Ryutaro Arimura, known for his vocals and mind behind the incredible band Plastic Tree.

Originally known as Angélique this fanlisting has quickly grown to a fan site and happily lists over one hundred fans from all around the world. Panatrope is small dedication to this breathtaking artist, who's vocals and lyrics have captured the hearts of so many.

If you're a fan of his captivating vocals, his poetic lyrics or his all around passionate and child like personality, please grab a code and join! Do enjoy your stay. :D


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fanlisting stats

Panatrope was last updated 15th July 2016. There are currently 434 Ryutaro fans from 76 countries, with 1 waiting to be added.


01.22.13 Having some intermittent issues with my main domain - Once it gets figured out I'll be able to add more fans. I appreciate everyone's patience! Also, a makeover is in the works. About time, eh?

01.17.08 Oh my, more lovely donations!! demon uchiha itachi has donated four beautiful avatars that can be seen here. Thank you so much!!

12.28.07The wonderful hermonical has donated tons of gorgeous avatars! You may view them here. Thank you!

12.12.07There is a sort of "petition" going around that is encouring an international Plastic Tree fanclub! Currently, the only Pura fanclub is on that is within Japan. So if you are interested in helping the cause, please sign up here!

12.04.07 Finishing up here! :D I hope to have the rest of my Pura fanlistings moved here at the end of the month. Right now I have too many things going on. ::Grunt::

11.25.07 Ahh!!! It has been my dream to get Ryutaro a domain since I was approved for him! ;-; And finally it has happened! I still cannot express the happiness for being approved for this amazing man. I really hope that I can give him justice! :D

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